Approved Projects

FOUNDATION RAMADAN DAR EL KHEIR  (DEK) have been invited and offered an exclusive opportunity to Build and Operate 5 Palm Oil Mills (POM) in the following locations:

  1. Desa Bangun Purba Barat, Rokan Hulu in the Riau Province.
  2. Kubu, Rokan Hilir in the Riau Province.
  3. Mandau, Bengkalis in the Riau Province. 
  4. Muaro Sebo, Muara Jambi in the Jambi Province
  5. Rantau Rasau, Tanjung Jabung Timur Jambi in the Jambi Province

Environment Friendly

The proposed Palm Oil Mill will operate on an environmentally friendly basis where there will be completely NO pollution from the Palm Oil Mill and all the downstream operations. We are also negotiating with some foreign Companies for the sale of Carbon Credits under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHG).This revenue has not been included in the cash flow tables. We will also develop a solar thermal and photovoltaic energy grid which will be paid for by CDM. All excess solids and liquids from the Mill will be converted to renewable energy/fuel or organic compost (Fertilizer). There will be NO discharge to any watercourse or landfill. The compost will be sold as organic fertilizer to the villagers / smallholders under the Community Development Scheme. It can also be exported as a planting medium.