What we do?

A Foundation registered in Republic of Indonesia. Aim is to carry out various humanitarian projects. These projects are designed not only as a commercial venture but also incorporate humanitarian, social development and sustainable development values. Listed below are some of the objectives we hope to accomplish:

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Training and Education for children, women, farmers.
  • Electricity grid with emphasis on green tech. And Clean Water Supply
  • Affordable Housing
  • Infrastructure such as roads, school, community hall, Hospital & ambulance
  • Sports and youth programs and facilities

FOUNDATION RAMADAN DAR EL KHEIR (DEK) Was setup to explore the sale and development of renewable energy products such and wind, solar, bio-fuels and other Green energy technologies specifically for the agriculture industry. The market for renewable energy products in Malaysia is at an infant stage but with the ever increasing price of Oil, we believe that the demand for such products will increase in Malaysia and the region.

Executive Summary

Hong Kong Inmayia International Group (HKIIG) have been invited and offered an exclusive opportunity to mine Coal as well as Build and Operate a Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Plant, Carbon Black Plant, Ammonia Plant and Plastics Composites Plant in Qujing, Yunan Province of China. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) and has been signed to this effect. Yunnan is rich in coal and HKIIG has also been offered 1000 acres of coal mines on a 50 year lease with the option to renew for another 50 years.